Smart Thermostats

If you want a thermostat that will help you have a healthier home, GLAS is worth the trip. The basics are covered – a dynamic OLED screen and integration with Alexa, Google Assistant and Microsoft Cortana – and it also provides air quality monitoring. It measures relative humidity, VOC and CO2 levels indoors, as well as pollen and other outdoor air quality indicators. Armed with this information, you can regulate the intelligent circulation and intelligent ventilation of your home to protect the quality of your air.

The GLAS also comes with an app that gives you the power to control your thermostat’s voice virtually anywhere, tracks power consumption and makes it easy to use the built-in smart planning feature.

Nest has been the first big name in smart home technology and has been among the best smart thermostats for years. Today, other companies are struggling to make a living, but they remain a solid choice. The Nest Learning Thermostat builds on their strong legacy. After a week, he learns and adapts to your schedule, becomes smarter and saves you more energy. He also works with Google or Alexa.

Plus, if you’re looking for a fully connected home, Nest also offers security cameras (Nest Cam) and smoke and carbon monoxide alarms (Nest Protect).

If you do not want to pay the high price for the best Nest offer, take a look at the Nest E thermostat. Made from plastic instead of Nest’s glass and stainless steel, the price is set lower.

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