Decorating Your Airbnb Living Room

Your Airbnb rental can have a dedicated living room or a studio with a sitting area. Guests love having a space where they can visit or watch TV without a hotel bed atmosphere. A comfortable sofa is essential. Get it in a size as large as you can easily fit in the sitting area. If you can only install a loveseat, an accent chair or an ottoman can complete the seat. If your rental home can accommodate more than one person, you must have enough seating for each person, even if it means that a bench or dining chair is pulled into the room.

Neutral colors are the best choice for sofas and other large pieces of furniture, especially in brown and dark gray, as they are more resistant to wear than lighter colors. Your accent chairs and stools add color and patterns to give your space a style and character.

Pillows and extra blankets are an essential part of the design of vacation rentals. These are the decorative elements that not only express the style of your home, but also bring comfort to your guests.

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