Cleaning or replacing bathroom fixtures

Your home must be brilliantly clean when you present it. Do your best to keep your shower doors and all glass appliances in the bathroom perfectly clean. If that’s not possible, go ahead and replace them. For example, there may be limescale deposits that have etched the glass beyond the point of repair. You may also need to repaint your bathtub if there are stains.

You must also do other minor repairs in your bathroom before going to your home. If you have carpet in your bathroom, you certainly want to replace it with tiles, because you will have trouble finding a buyer who thinks it’s an interesting option. In addition, you will usually get your money back for minor repairs such as new fixtures, lights and floors that will help your bathroom shine during the sessions. In addition, do not forget to repaint the walls of the bathroom, preferably in a light color, the space then seeming larger.

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